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  1. The document contains writing on two sides of one sheet in pencil and ink with different handwriting apparently written on different dates. The first part on one side is an application for Susan McGee Calbertson to join the “friendly famel society” dated “21 [indecipherable] 1843.” The remaining handwriting and style appears to be that of Oliver Olney, but how he would have come into possession of this paper is unknown. It lists eight of Joseph Smith’s plural wives: Louisa Beaman, Agnes Smith, Eliza R. Snow, Emily Partridge, Eliza Partridge, Mrs. Sylvia Lyons, Mrs. P. Sessions, and Mrs. Granger. A transcription of this document by Michael Quinn is found in D. Michael Quinn PapersCAdditionCUncat WA MS 244, accession:19990209-c), Box 1CCard fileCTopic: Polygamy, Joseph Smith’s.  (back)