Joseph Smith’s Polygamy: Toward a Better Understanding


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A Reason for Faith: Navigating LDS Doctrine and Church History edited by Laura Harris Hales:

Two chapters on plural marriage with fifteen others on controversies in LDS doctrine and Church history.

 Joseph Smith’s Polygamy: History and Theology, 3 Volumes

Foster Religion and sexuality 72 dpi

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Modern Polygamy and Mormon Fundamentalism: The Generations After the Manifesto


Setting the Record Straight: Mormon Fundamentalism

Setting Record Straight

The Persistence of Polygamy, Vol. 1

Article: “Joseph Smith and the Puzzlement of ‘Polyandry.”


The Persistence of Polygamy, Vol. 2

Article with Don Bradley: “LDS Joseph vs. RLDS Joseph: The Battle to Control the Public Memory of Joseph Smith.”


The Persistence of Polygamy, Vol. 3

“John Taylor’s 1886 Revelation” by Brian C. Hales

The Priesthood of Modern Polygamy: An LDS Perspective, with Max Anderson

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