During times of war, the truth regarding the winners and losers in battle is less important to the people back home than what they believe is true. So it is today with Joseph Smith and plural marriage. Few people have studied the historical record regarding his teachings and polygamous unions. They instead may unknowingly believe half-truths, misrepresentations, and falsehoods perpetuated by the media, on blogs, or in books.
To bridge this gap, all of my research materials dealing with this topic has been uploaded to a new website, MormonPolyamyDocuments.org. With over 15 Gigabytes of data, anyone can study the actual primary historical documents of the period to determine what is truth. Nothing is being withheld that copyright laws will allow me to share, and the few things I cannot upload are tangential in their importance.
Many are willing to accuse Joseph Smith of being a womanizer, hypocrite, and a false prophet. They may even assert they have found unambiguous documentation to show this is true. However, in all my years of research, I have not found such evidence. By making this data available, everyone is equally empowered to find truth and hopefully steer the discussions back to a more accurate documentary foundation.