Fanny Brewer via John C. Bennett

Fanny Brewer, who lived in Boston, Massachusetts, was converted through the missionary efforts of the Prophet’s brother, Samuel H. Smith. Samuel recorded for June 24, 1832: “In Boston. Held a meeting at Fanny Brewers.”1 His journal show that they also held other meetings there on June 25, 27, July 1, 8, and on other dates. Samuel’s entry for July 29, 1832, reads: “Held a meeting at Sister Brewer’s. Preaching in the forenoon and then baptized two, Fanny Brewer and Mary Voce.”2 In 1842 Fanny Brewer reported having visited Kirtland, Ohio in 1837 in a statement, quoted in John C. Bennett, The History of the Saints; or, an Exposé of Joe Smith and Mormonism (Boston: Leland & Whiting, 1842), 85:

Testimony of Fanny Brewer, of Boston

Boston, September 13, 1842

            To the Public:– I have long desired that some one who had a certain knowledge of the hidden practices and abominations at Nauvoo, would have the moral courage to come out, with a full development; and my desires have been realized in General Bennett’s disclosures. As the ice is now broken, I, too, have a tale to tell. In the spring of 1837, I left Boston for Kirtland, in all good faith, to assemble with the Saints, as I thought, and worship God more perfectly. On my arrival, I found brother going to law with brother, drunkenness prevailing to a great extent, and every species of wickedness. . . . There was much excitement against the Prophet, on another account, likewise,– an unlawful intercourse between himself and a young orphan girl residing in his family, and under his protection!!! Mr. Martin Harris told me that the Prophet was most notorious for lying and licentiousness!! In the fall of 1837, the Smith family all left Kirtland, by revelation, (or necessity,) for Missouri.



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