Elders Journal Affidavits

[No title], Elder’s Journal 1, no. 3 (July 1838): 45.

Agreeable to your request, Brother [George] Harris and myself wrote, and sent to you our testimony, relative to what Oliver Cowdery said about the girl and mailed it on the 4th inst. but lest that letter should not reach you through the iniquity of men, I here send you the same, with the addition of Brother [George] Hinkle’s testimony. They may not be the same words as the other, for we have not a copy of the former letter, however, this is the same in substance with some additions.

This may certify that I heard O. [Oliver] Cowdery say to Joseph Smith, Jr., while at George W. Harris’ house in Far West, that he (Joseph) never confessed to him, (Oliver) that he was guilty of the crime alleged to him. And O. Cowdery gave me to understand that Joseph Smith, Jr. never acknowledged to him that he ever confessed to anyone, that he was guilty of the above crime.

Thomas B. Marsh.

This may certify that I heard Oliver Cowdery say in my house, that Joseph Smith, Jr. never confessed to him that he was guilty of the crime alleged against him and Joseph asked if he ever said to him (Oliver) that he confessed to anyone that he (Joseph) was guilty of the above crime, and Oliver, after some hesitation, answered no.

George W. Harris.

This may certify that having heard the report about the crime above referred to, I asked Oliver Cowdery last fall when Joseph Smith was in the Far West, if the report was true, for said I, if it is, as he is to be presented before the church, I wish to know of the truth of this matter beforehand. And he gave me to understand, either in plain words or implications, that it was false. I bear this testimony for the good of the honest hearted in the east and elsewhere, and for the good of Brother Joseph Smith, Jr. Brother Marsh will please copy this in the letter to the east and keep the original here.

George M. Hinkle.