Clark Braden

Clark Braden, E. L. Kelley and Clark Braden, Public Discussion of the Issues between the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and The Church of Christ (Disciples) Held in Kirtland, Ohio (St. Louis: Clark Braden, 1884), 202:

 Lewis Bond1 and Ezra Bond have repeatedly stated that their father and mother, who were amongst the first Mormons in Kirtland, repeatedly declared that Smith practiced polygamy in Kirtland, and that he followed a girl into a privy and committed fornication with her.

  1. The parents were Ira Bond (1798-1887) and Charlotte Wilcox Bond (1803-82) and the children were Eveline Bond, Ezra Bond (b. 1826), Mary E. Bond (b. 1828), Eber Wilcox Bond (b. 1835), Milton J. Bond (b. 1838) and Myron H. Bond (b. 1843). The Bonds converted some time in 1833 and moved to Kirtland before Eber’s birth on December 9, 1835. When the body of Saints left Kirtland, the Bonds remained in Ohio. The parents, Ezra and Mary, were in Kirtland at least as late as 1880. There appears to be no record for a “Lewis Bond” or similar name in the family, so it seems to be a mistake on Braden’s part.  (back)