• The Cartoon Version of Joseph Smith

    By misrepresenting the historical record, some authors portray Joseph as a caricature that no discerning person would ever follow as a prophet.


    The Cartoon Version of Joseph Smith
  • What Was Joseph Thinking?

    Evidence shows Joseph Smith was sealed to legally-married women. Is this evidence of unbridled libido or the abuse of power? Or were his actions driven by theological teachings?


    What Was Joseph Thinking?
  • Learning the Truth about Joseph Smith’s Polygamy

    A new website, MormonPolygamyDocuments.org allows any interested individual to download Brian Hales’ entire polygamy database, over 15 gigabytes of data, to evalutate the evidence for themselves. For more information



    Learning the Truth about Joseph Smith’s Polygamy
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Stories of Faith

Plural marriage was fraught with challenges that tested the faith of the Saints. Observers today may doubt its validity and wonder why Church members accepted the practice at all. Accounts from the early polygamists provide insight helping readers understand that their participation was a manifestation of their faith in God. Perhaps the only way to comprehend their actions is to view Joseph Smith and his marriage teachings through their eyes.